Collagraphs, generally speaking, are a type of monoprint pulled from collaged plates. Mine, as seen on this site, utilize illustration board to provide a support base for the collage. Gesso protects the plate from the printing ink, and seals in the various media used for the collage, which can include paper, tissue paper, sawdust, or fabric. Various textured acrylic media are applied to the plate to create a diversity of tone and value on the prints. Deep, intriguing colors—created by a multiple-drop process that creates layers of color—enhance the unique textures produced by the collaged plate. The prints that result from this collection of processes are beautiful and full of transparent light and color. The subjects of these prints take advantage of these aesthetic qualities to explore the intersection between the abstract and the representative.
 -Stefan Barton

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Ancestor of Thought 1
Ancestor of Thought 2
Ancestor of Thought 3

Clex 3
Clex Blue
Clex Box

In The Wall 1
In The Wall 1

Original Center Frost
Original Center

Puzzle Piece
Puzzle 2
Puzzle 3

Solid Rotation Frost
Solid Rotation
Solid Rotation Red

The Void

The Citizen 1
The Citizen 2
The Citizen 3
The Citizen 4

Emergence of Disorder 1
Emergence of Disorder 2
Emergence of Disorder 3

Glare 1
Glare 2
Glare 3
Glare 4

Kiss of Elements 1
Kiss of Elements 2
Kiss of Elements 3
Kiss of Elements 4

Warhead Brown

Chess Piece 1
Chess Piece 2

Diary 1
Diary 2
Diary 3

The First Mrs. Randall 1
The First Mrs. Randall 2

Shadow on the Moon 1
Shadow on the Moon 2

Out 1
Out 2
Out 3
Out 4

The Second Mrs. Randall 1
The Second Mrs. Randall 2

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